I’m Lisa Linfield, and my goal is to Engage, Equip and Empower One Million Women to live their best life by teaching them about the secrets to getting unstuck, making their money work for them, and finding their purpose.


Start your Side Hustle Today!!!

The best way of ensuring that you will be free – financially and from a time and lifestyle perspective – is to start your own side hustle today.

Businesses, like all investments, take time to grow and the  quicker you start, the better it will be.

The Side Hustle course combines my experience in starting 3 businesses to show you Step by Step how to get your business off the ground – in a way that means you don’t have to waste the huge amount of money I did


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Free Video & Download – 9 Ways to earn $1,000 sitting on the couch

I’ll give you the ideas you need to start another stream of freedom – 9 of them in fact… and you can choose which one works for you.  It’s totally doable whilst you sit on your couch.  

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153 How to make money with what you know

153 How to make money with what you know

Would you like to leave a legacy of a body of work in a subject you know A LOT about? First prize if you could also monetise it right? It turns out that there are ways to make money with what you know. You have a lifetime of experience doing what you do best, and...