Is your income irregular? With some months where you earn BIG, and some months where you earn nothing? 

When one of the biggest causes of financial stress is having an inconsistent income (and not being able to plan your work and personal expenses), you won’t regret taking the steps outlined in today’s episode.

These five steps will help you smooth your personal income, even if your work income is all over the place!

Show Notes

  • [00.59] The challenges of a ‘lumpy’ income
  • [02.35] A solution: the income smoother
  • [04.43] Average tax rate
  • [07.00] Working out your average income
  • [08.05] Business expenses

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“When you have a separate bank account for work and for personal life, what ends up happening is that it’s actually quite a lot easier to track expenses.” – Lisa Linfield

“Come what may, you have to pay tax.” – Lisa Linfield

“The biggest single advantage of a regular income is that you can plan your money.” – Lisa Linfield