Do you have complicated emotions (including guilt) around the subject of giving money to beggars? Living in a country with an official unemployment rate of 33%, where the majority of the population live below the breadline, it’s hard not to.

Who do you give to? When do you give? What do you give?

In today’s episode we touch lightly on how to help those around us.

Show Notes

[00.59] Your own worst critic

[02.13] In the face of poverty

[05.00] A complicated subject, and a Christian view

[06.42] It’s all about the ‘and’

[07.31] The forgiveness of sins

[11.05] How we treat the poor

[14.40] Faith based on the Bible

[16.35] Recommendations on how to frame your strategy

[22.15] A real life example

[26.14] God’s economy

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“Turning from our sins is what clears the way for our relationship with God.” – Lisa Linfield

“How grateful are we really that our sins are forgiven.” – Lisa Linfield

“If we truly understood the weight of our sins, we would be overflowing with gratitude.” – Lisa Linfield

“I think God’s economy just works differently to us.” – Lisa Linfield

“God beautifully designed our world to have absolutely enough for every one of us.” – Lisa Linfield

“That’s how God works. He takes you out of your comfort zone to teach you.” – Lisa Linfield