Has the chaos of the world around you driven you into survival mode? Here are some reflections from inside a riot zone that may come in handy…

It’s like Maslow says, when your survival (but more importantly the survival of your children) is under threat, everything else disappears. And it’s true, amidst the sound of gunshots, the implementation of war time safety measures and worrying about how I was going to feed my children, following dreams was about as far from my radar as flying to the moon.

If you are ever in a position of ongoing threat, the reflections in this week’s episode are tools that you can use to create emotional space, as well as some tips on how to support others who may be going through a tough time.

Stay safe this week, hug your children, and every time you pour milk or eat bread and vegetables, give thanks for how unbelievably lucky you are.

Show Notes

  • [04.38] On Monday began a week I don’t think I will ever forget.
  • [08.17] Tuesday for me was rock bottom.
  • [11.05] It was then that I felt angry at everyone out there.
  • [12.41] On Wednesday the goal was set… Milk.
  • [15.00] On Thursday the taxi’s started to run.
  • [16.55] If you’re ever in a position of ongoing threat… (Some reflections)
  • [20.31] If you’re supporting people going through a tough time…

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“Never before had I worried that I would be unable to feed my kids.  And now it was the only thing I could think about.” – Lisa Linfield

“When life turns to the basics, your primal instincts kick in.” – Lisa Linfield

“In a time of crisis – it’s so important you conserve your mental energy for your kids, family and yourself.” – Lisa Linfield

“Helping others shifts your gaze from your own hardship to how lucky you are to have what you have.” – Lisa Linfield

“God will bring people to support you through every crisis.” – Lisa Linfield

“I needed people to walk quietly alongside me, love me and help me find food.” – Lisa Linfield