Have you ever looked at your life and wondered how on earth God is going to tie all of your chaos together to make a story that works?

Some days it can feel hard to believe that God is somehow able to juggle the enormous complexity of billions of lives, and in this week’s episode we delve into Luke 2, where we see how God brings together the bigger picture, and I teach you a tool that you can use to help you have faith when you can’t see how everything could possibly work out in the end.

Show Notes

  • [01.44] God’s infinite capacity
  • [03.27] A view from the Old Testament
  • [05.14] A God of promises
  • [06.22] Zooming out
  • [07.42] God’s plan
  • [08.18] A suitcase picture – a quick tool for you to use
  • [10.57] The importance of faith

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“God is the master, weaving together the seemingly impossible to make his plans come to be.” – Lisa Linfield

“God has a plan.” – Lisa Linfield

“Each one of us needs to believe that he IS going to fulfill the promise that he has for you.” – Lisa Linfield