Do you find that your limiting beliefs are holding you back? Are you stuck in your comfort zone? Are your feelings of ‘not good enough’ getting you down? Are you getting in your own way? Well then, this episode is for you! You see, it turns out that you can rewire your brain and your thinking and develop new habits and beliefs about yourself that will completely change your behaviour. AND you can do it all in 30 days!

Today I chat to Michele Molitor, a business coach and consultant who specialises in a unique technique of coaching called Rapid Rewiring, about how to get clear on what your core values are – the building blocks of what you do and why you do it; how to kick your comfort zone; how to build strong habits that keep you on track, and how to rewire your brain.

Show Notes

In this episode:

  • [02.24] We talk neuroscience and look at HOW to rewire your brain in 30 days.
  • [6.33] Without access to a coach, what can you do YOURSELF to start to rewire your brain and your thinking?
  • [9.00] What is the story that you’re telling yourself? Do you not feel ‘good enough’? How do you quantify ENOUGH?
  • [11.25] In a tug of war between your goals and your desires and a brain geared to protect you, how do you continue to push yourselves to achieve success?
  • [14.06] What about self sabotage? How do you recognize the signs? And how do you stop doing the same things over and over again?
  • [16.07] How do you stay on track?
  • [19.57] How do you say no to things that aren’t aligned to your goals?
  • [22.41] What habits and routines can you put in place?
  • [27.16] Michele talks about the importance of checking in with yourself as you move through a process, and getting clear on your WHY!

Learn more about Michele

There’s a lot to see on her website, where you can book a complimentary discovery session, or browse the Brain Candy section which has links to her eBooks ‘Saying No With Grace and Grit’ and ‘Tapping Into Your Power and Presence’, as well as a Values Assessment.

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Quotes from this episode

‘Oftentimes it’s not the events that cause the pain; it’s the meanings that we’ve attached to the event that creates the long-lasting pain.’

‘Everyone, I think, falls into the trap of not feeling ‘enough’ in some way, shape or form.’

‘As human beings it’s our human nature to be of contribution in some way, shape or form; to bring our talents, our gifts, our expertise to bear on something that is greater than we ourselves.’

‘I can live based in fear and stay small or I can choose to step outside of my comfort zone for the sake of this bigger calling that’s pulling me forward.’

‘The truth of the matter is all we have is right now. We don’t ever know what the next moment or the next moment or tomorrow or the next year will bring, because everything can change in the blink of an eye.’