I always say that money should exist ONLY to manifest our biggest dreams. Each day I get to talk to so many people about their deepest wishes and greatest aspirations. So many of us want to be our own boss, clear our debt, or go on that lifetime family holiday.

But days turn into years. Dreams and aspirations turn into small talk and wishful thinking. There is always a fork in the road, a hiccup in the plan, or a setback in the life goal. So, how do we overcome life’s little curve balls and slay those dragons to live our best lives yet?

Show notes

  • As a wealth manager, I take a human approach to money problem-solving.
  • Year after year, we only just talk about the change we need to make to live our best life yet!
  • Making sustainable, long-term changes requires conscious and subconscious personal work.
  • Dr Abby Medcalf’s observation that our sub-conscious processes information at 11 million bits per second while our conscious at only 50 bits. 
  • Subconscious conditioning beats conscious talk every time!
  • Get control of your thinking! Productive thinking drives productive behaviours.
  • Getting to the bottom of Good Reasons vs. Real Reasons.
  • Take the “Four Whiskeys and a Heineken” Test (Hint: it has nothing to do with drinking!)
  • Dr Kelly Donahue speaks about how our brains are structured to filter the information that supports what we’re thinking about.
  • We need to be purposeful to seek out the helpful information to support our new way of thinking.
  • Look for people starting that business, finding that new job, or sticking to that eating plan.
  • We now live in a world that allows us to surround ourselves with people ahead of us in this journey.
  • Once you work on the 90% reason for success – mindset or spirituality – you need to work on the 10% of success – the doing.
  • The biggest lesson I learned from David Allen’s book, “Getting Things Done” is to stop focussing on trying to DO the big goal.
  • Break it down into the very next step. For example, if you want to register a business, the very next step may be to “phone Mary and ask her how she registered a business”.
  • It just takes one foot in front of the other, one decision at a time to start living your dreams.
  • Let go of the comfort zone. Let’s be brave to be free!

The secret to slaying the money dragon

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