Have you ever read some of the promises in the Bible and thought, ‘God must have promised this for other people, because it’s sure not meant for me,’ because the facts of your situation look nothing like the peace, joy, love and prosperity that the Bible often talk about…

Today we’re going to take a deeper look at the back-to-back in Luke 1, of Zechariah and Mary, and take courage that God is a God of promises.

Show Notes

  • [01.48] A three year journey through the Bible
  • [02.41] Luke
  • [03.35] The Prosperity Gospel
  • [06.07] God’s promises
  • [07.06] Approaching God’s promises
  • [07.56] The stories of Luke and Mary
  • [11.25] The first place to start when it comes to your money
  • [12.21] Impossible situations
  • [20.08] Fear and faith

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“God makes promises in the Bible to spoil his children abundantly.” – Lisa Linfield

“When it comes to studying the Bible, context is everything.” – Lisa Linfield

“The challenges of promises in the Bible, is that they are always attached to following God’s commands.” – Lisa Linfield

“For God, nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible.” – Lisa Linfield