Despite consistent, sincere and devout prayer, do you sometimes feel like God isn’t listening? And when it feels like he isn’t answering your prayers, do you ask yourself why?

With a modern-day parable, I’d like to share a profound discovery I made this weekend. Perhaps you can relate it to your own life and ultimately learn how to move past your comfort zone in order to do God’s work.

Show Notes

  • [02.30] A modern day parable
  • [08.50] Seeking God and finding an answer
  • [10.08] Looking inwards
  • [11.16] Scoring yourself on God’s checklist
  • [14.10] The real challenges of this Christian walk
  • [15.49] Realising your calling
  • [18.03] It’s all about the AND, not the OR

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“The real challenge of this Christian walk is that, like most things in life, it’s an onion, that God continues to peel back, layer after layer. Just as you THINK you’ve grasped the whole thing, God starts to challenge you on another topic.” – Lisa Linfield

“So I hope that like me, you will pray for God to permanently change your heart so that I serve the poor and oppressed. Not out of guilt, not out of selfish motive, but out of a heart that seeks to do God’s will, to serve his humans here and now” – Lisa Linfield

“I deeply do believe that each one of us is called in different ways. And the real challenge in life is to act in the way you’re called, to really honour that call, and give 100% of yourself in that call.” – Lisa Linfield