Do you find that with the passing of time, you’ve become happier in your skin? Less concerned about what others think of you? It’s one of the joys of growing up.

Yet despite that marvel of aging, there is still a courage that is required when making decisions for your life (and your work) that are MORE in alignment, and closer to your own truth.

Today I’m starting a new shedding, knowing that the life I want is on the other side of these fears that are keeping me stuck… The time to be brave to be free is now.

Show Notes

  • [02.27] The joys of getting older
  • [03.22] Two major ‘sheddings’
  • [07.46] The next layer of shedding…

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“We start to finally listen to the small voice inside us saying: ‘hold on a minute girl, these things you thought would lead to a happy life, aren’t quite serving you just as you thought they would anymore.” – Lisa Linfield

“This shedding is about obedience to the still voice inside myself.” – Lisa Linfield

“Fear holds all of us in unhealthy patterns one way or another.” – Lisa Linfield

“Life is an onion – and just when you think you’ve dealt with something, new circumstances bring new depths of dealing with the issues that stalk us.” – Lisa Linfield

“I’ve felt a call to discover (and teach) what God thinks about money.” – Lisa Linfield

“We all need to throw off this cancer of ‘show & tell’ consumerism that’s destroying our wealth, upsetting our families, and getting people into debt and valuing fake success over long term financial stability.” – Lisa Linfield