Are you in a state of constant stress? In and out of debt, but seemingly unable to change the behaviour that led you there? Your underlying disempowering money beliefs may have something to do with it… Get to the bottom of THOSE, and change your relationship with money.

In this week’s episode, I’m chatting to Donna McCallum, the Fairy Godmother behind Money Magic. She lays out a solid plan for getting out of debt, with practical steps to making the changes necessary to facilitate your financial freedom.

As Donna says, “If you have worked on your disempowering money beliefs and you’ve come into ease, you will be able to really create an amazing financial future for yourself and your family.”

What are your beliefs about money?

Show Notes

  • [01.31] Financial Stability, Financial Independence & Financial Freedom, and the difference between them
  • [05.30] How the worldview on debt has changed over the ages
  • [09.21] Debt and your underlying money beliefs
  • [12.25] The steps to getting out of debt
  • [27.54] The snowball effect of interest and fees.

Learn more about Donna

Find out more about Donna via her website. She has tons of free resources, as well as all the details on her Money Magic program to help you change your money beliefs, and ultimately change your financial future. On social media, you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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“We are the first generation of woman that have actually been empowered with money.” – Donna McCallum

“We seem to have found ourselves in this money culture of debt.” – Lisa Linfield

“The reason why behaviour doesn’t shift, is because there are entrenched disempowering beliefs.” – Donna McCallum

“Once you come from an emotional space of ease, then any actions that you start taking, create real behavioural shifts.” – Donna McCallum

“When the pain threshold becomes unbearable, then we take action.” – Donna McCallum