Despite your best efforts, does your debt feel insurmountable and ever-present? Much like with weeds in a garden, if you don’t get the roots out, you will end up in debt again.

Following on from my last episode, ‘The Road to Poor’, this week I tackle the three roots of debt, and how you can go about getting rid of them!

Because truth be told, financially free people have NO debt. You too can be financially free…

Show Notes

  • [01.09] Removing the roots
  • [03.47] I Need
    • Debt that is unavoidable, I talk about the best way to prevent it.
  • [06.29] I Want
    • The key difference between Rich and Wealthy
    • The 3 questions you need to ask before you get into debt again.
  • [11.56]  I Deserve

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“Debt is truly like a weed that takes over and strangles our life.” – Lisa Linfield

“Like all weeds, it doesn’t help just to take out the debt, the things you see on the surface… if you don’t take out the roots (or the way you’re thinking), you’ll get into debt again and again and again.” – Lisa Linfield

“One of the key decision criteria of humans is Status. People move towards an increase in status, or away from a perceived decrease in status.” – Lisa Linfield

“Your behaviour always reflects your thinking first.” – Lisa Linfield

“If you want to remove the worry of money, change the way you think about debt.” – Lisa Linfield