What is the last thing you bought? Take a quick look at your bank statement to remind you… Any chance that purchase has taken you another step closer to living your best life? If, like most people, your answer is no, this episode is for you.

Today I’ll take you through an exercise that I do with my financial coaching clients to discover what your spending habits (and how you choose to spend your time) are revealing about what you REALLY value.  Being true to your values often comes with big (tough) choices, and it can be a hard realisation that you’re spending more money on clothes or cars than on doing things that bring you joy.

Because time and to a certain extent, money, are finite, there’s not enough of either to be spending them doing things that won’t get you and keep you on the journey towards your best life. Being honest with yourself about where your energy (and money) is going is the first step. Now let’s get out that bank statement…

Show Notes

  • [00.30] An exercise (using your bank statement and your calendar) to identify whether your values align with your lived life.
  • [01.40] The two assets that help you achieve your best life.
  • [02.19] A couple of reasons you may be making the choices you are.
  • [03.52] Prioritising money:
    • the value of independence
    • the challenge with giving your children the best of everything
    • how to live now AND invest for the future
  • [08.29] Prioritising time:
    • The importance of rest and time together.
  • [10.28] Living according to your values: what you can do now.

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“You see we only live our Best Life when we are aligned with what we value most.” – Lisa Linfield

“The thing with prioritising is that something’s got to give.” – Lisa Linfield 

“You can live now AND invest for the future by choosing what’s worth spending money on, and what’s not.” – Lisa Linfield

“We are our most creative selves when we have rest time, or time with people that fills up our joy tanks.” – Lisa Linfield