Do you need help finding a way out of debt? There are a few ways to go about it, but here’s some controversial debt advice that might be useful to you…

Because you cannot be financially free when you are in debt, you need to make getting out of it a priority!

In this weeks episode I take you step by step through a couple of methods you could try to get out of, and STAY OUT OF debt. And in which instance it would be best to use which method.

Show Notes

  • [02.06] How to pay off your debt
  • [02.53] Minimum balance
  • [04.56] The Avalanche Method for debt reduction
  • [05.41] The Snowball Method for debt reduction
  • [08.34] Closing open tabs
  • [10.08] Removing Temptation
  • [11.17] Are there cases when I recommend Avalanche?
  • [15.01] Make sure you close the accounts – and then double make sure

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“You  MUST pay the minimum balance on all your debts every month.” – Lisa Linfield

“The real costs of debt often hide in the ‘lurking’ fees and expenses of debt accounts.” – Lisa Linfield

“Everything we do in life either adds energy, or drains energy.  And debt is an energy drain.” – Lisa Linfield

“Kill the Debt… it truly is the only way to change the cycle.” – Lisa Linfield