Before you know how, the move from debt to investing can feel insurmountable. Perhaps it’s reassuring to know that even those who have become financially free, have been through times of debt…

In this weeks episode, Money Mindset Entrepreneur Vix Munro, shares her journey from debt to investing (in Property, Shares and Bitcoin). She now helps other women take control of their money, build wealth, and create great lives for themselves.

The key to coming out on top is to keep learning, and to keep getting back up.

Show Notes

  • [01.19] The journey that led Vix Munro to her goal to teaching women to be money savvy
  • [03.44] The first property investment
  • [06.44] Over-leveraging. Why it’s sometimes done, and how it can go wrong.
  • [09.06] Beyond property: moving on to other investments
  • [11.44] Precious Metals
  • [12.59] Cryptocurrency
  • [15.21] Bitcoin: In or Out?
  • [19.16] A diversified investment portfolio
  • [24.24] 8 steps to getting out of debt
  • [31.35] Debt and marriage

Learn more about Vix

Find out more about Vix on her website, where you can download her e-book and learn how to detonate debt once and for all. You can also find her on Facebook, plus via her free Facebook group for women – The Money Badass Community.

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“If we empower women, we also empower future generations.” – Vix Munro

“We’re not taught about personal finance at school. So, it’s kind of something you try and teach yourself along the way.” – Vix Munro

“It is, absolutely, for each one of us that have worked a path to wealth to help the others and to give people a lift up.” – Lisa Linfield

“I see precious metals as a hedge really, against difficult times.” – Vix Munro

“The future is coming, and only time will tell.” – Vix Munro

“We should be diversified across asset classes, and also within asset classes.” – Vix Munro

“When people say to me, ‘What should I invest in?’ I always say, ‘What do you know about?'” – Lisa Linfield