Where would your life be if you had been that tiny bit braver and less worried about failing? If you had had the conversations you needed to have? And taken the steps you needed to take? What has the fear of failure stopped you from even starting?

An amazing week of personal success and Covid-19 recovery (my 98-year old grandma is a legend!) has had me thinking a lot about success and the fear of failure. In light of this, today’s episode takes you through the ‘And Then What Process’. It’s a technique I talk about in my new book Deep Grooves: Overcoming patterns that keep you stuck. It’s unbelievably simple, but it’s made me see that the size of our fears is more often than not WAY bigger than the size of the fall out.

Life is about choices, and the act of NOT choosing out of fear of failure is also a choice.

Show Notes

  • [00.25] Stories from a wonderful week.
  • [01.38] 66 days to creating a habit and the companion book I’m currently writing.
  • [02.21] Fear of failure
  • [02.53] Choices and consequences (and ALSO looking at the possibility of success)
  • [03.36] Consciously choosing the path of your life vs. Deep Grooves of behaviour that have evolved over time.
  • [04.59] ‘And Then What Process’ (a role play)
  • [06.51] The real consequences of failure.

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“Our worst fears are always rooted in our fear of the immediate reaction.” – Lisa Linfield

“The upside of success is worth more to our self-esteem than not trying because we’re too scared that people will say NO.” – Lisa Linfield