From a high-flying executive to hitting rock bottom. Yup, I have had some major career setbacks AND when I least expected it! NOBODY is safe from rejection, being passed over, or just not even being considered.

How do some events devastate people while others overcome more robustly? History is riddled with so many examples of the underdog or outlier overcoming all odds. It is simply their resilience conquer their desire to give in at all costs. So, when one door closes on you, I dare you to shout, “NEXT!”, and rewrite your story! It is not over yet.

Show notes

  • I’m fascinated with the topic of resilience – from a psychological, interpersonal and a career perspective.
  • I’ve had major career setbacks at the height of my career that left me feeling humiliated and incompetent.
  • How do some events destroy us? And other equally negative events make us stronger?
  • For example, Gloria Mitchell persevered through homelessness and Lyme Disease to receive a degree from Stanford.
  • She achieved what most privileged and healthy people are unable to achieve.
  • Resilience is the ability to withstand the desire to give up. So, I decided to build my own path in life!
  • You need to build your OWN self-confidence and worth.
  • This should not be assembled on the praise of others but on your perception of your sense of self.
  • Resilience is a muscle that you need to exercise.
  • How many of us have not “stepped into the ring”? Is it the fear of failure? Or the pain of not being good enough?
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway!
  • Practice rejection because it gives us an opportunity to re-calibrate our purpose and values.
  • There is always a small win in rejection – the lesson to be learned!
  • Be brave to be free!

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