Every time we do something new, we feel like an impostor. It doesn’t matter how good we were at our previous venture, the fear of failure and the unknown kicks in. On our journey to becoming the Total Package we need to understand the stages we will go through so we’re able to Handle Everything.

I chat to Tara Bradford about how to fast-track the 6 stages of going from Impostor to Influencer, how to calm the noise, and some practical ways to overcome the side effects of impostor syndrome. Only then will you be able to become the Total Package for the clients you serve.

We also discuss the key to being able to Handle Everything and the quick re-frame tool she uses to expand our thinking. She shares with us the one thing she has learnt that moves us quickly through the growth phase.


  • [0:25] Join me on my brand new course Brave to Change
  • [3:00] The challenge of feeling like an impostor when you start something new
  • [3:58] The gap that Tara sees in the market that will become more evident as time goes by
    • Why quick hit doesn’t work
    • The challenge of marketing over delivery and product disappointing or amazing products and disappointing marketing
  • [8:18] How to make the market understand the difference between quick fix and the real deal
  • [12:00] The 6 stages of business growth from Impostor to Influencer
    • Impostor syndrome – a great idea, but am I ready?
      • [14:40] How to calm the noise
    • Start to learn – if I learn more I’ll feel ready (especially if I get more letters after my name)
    • The Pivot
      • The burnout of trying to do everything
    • Narrowing of Focus
    • Integration to scale
    • Influencer – the stage of freedom
  • [20:40] Tara takes us through her business journey through these stages
  • [26:06] Some of the practical impacts of impostor syndrome
    • Dealing with your family and those closest to you
    • [26:54] Dismissing your previous experience because it doesn’t perfectly match – and how women penalise themselves more than men
    • Imposter syndrome struggle to differentiate people
  • [29:42] Start with building clients and your messaging, THEN move to brand and PR
  • [30:37] How to handle everything
  • [35:42] The quick re-frame to expand our thinking
  • [36:52] The one thing we should all do to move us quickly through growth
  • [39:14] Her biggest lesson in managing her business finances


One of the biggest challenge that all of us have when we start something new is feeling like an impostor – Lisa Linfield

Every time we go through impostor syndrome we learn a little bit more about impostor syndrome – Tara Bradford

The bill we pay for growth is discomfort – Lisa Linfield

The clue to impostor syndrome is that everyone else’s opinion really matters to you – Tara Bradford

Nobody ever feels ready to go to the next level – Tara Bradford

When you clear out the mental clutter you have space to think – Tara Bradford

If you get stuck on the hamster wheel of achievement, you miss the influencer stage – Tara Bradford

You can get out of difficult phases quicker when you’re aware of them and ask for help – Tara Bradford

One of the mistakes I made was because it didn’t happen quick enough I’d look for the next shiny object – Lisa Linfield

Saying NO gives you permission to preserve your energy and handle everything else – Tara Bradford

We can handle anything – we may not be able to handle everything at one time – Lisa Linfield

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