What if success is not random? What if there is a science behind HOW to achieve it? According to research, that’s exactly the case. It IS possible for people like you and me to reach great heights!

Today I’m going to do the work for you, and summarise the findings of researchers to create a checklist that will help you achieve your WILDEST dreams.

Show Notes

  • [02.48] Why we don’t achieve our goals
  • [05.54] Research finding #1 – Professor Edwin Locke
  • [09.15] Research finding #2 – Professor Rick Snyder
  • [14.24] Research finding #3 – Angela Duckworth
  • [18.22] Research finding #4 – James Clear
  • [20.00] A checklist

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“If you are believing bad things about your ability to achieve a goal, then you will never ever achieve it.” – Lisa Linfield

“Your goals cannot be a ‘to do list’ for the day.” – Lisa Linfield

“We need to create a habit of consistency.” – Lisa Linfield