When things don’t work out in the timeline that you expect them to, do you feel compelled to give up on your dreams? Don’t. It’s not over.

In today’s episode I talk about why we stop dreaming, and what quality (as well as its key ingredients) you need more of to increase your chances of being successful.

Have faith and don’t give up. It’s not over, something good is coming.

Show Notes

  • [01.26] The journey of Working Women’s Wealth.
  • [03.47] Life’s curveballs.
  • [04.39] The challenges of a timeline.
  • [05.38] It’s not over.
  • [06.58] Hope and its relationship to success.
  • [09.56] Why we stop dreaming.
  • [13.47] Faith.

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“This life is a marathon, not a sprint.” – Lisa Linfield

“It’s been proven that the more hope you have in life, the more chance you have of achieving your success.” – Lisa Linfield

“Have faith that whatever it is you want, there’s a reason you need to be where you are now – to build strength, to build knowledge, to build self-awareness, to build patience, to build empathy, to build persistence, to build the resilience to keep on going.” – Lisa Linfield

“The real obstacle is that we fear more hurt.” – Lisa Linfield