Have you ever had a dream you didn’t pursue because it felt impossible? MaZwane had a BIG IMPOSSIBLE dream too… And her story could inspire you to greatness.

Because if somebody somewhere, from a situation that is the same or worse than yours, has achieved it, then it’s merely improbable, not impossible. And if it’s not impossible, it’s possible.

Let MaZwane’s story inspire you, as she travels from rural KZN to the City of Johannesburg. A young woman of 19, armed with only faith and a dream, she stayed true to her convictions and eventually went on to pioneer a whole new sector within the food and beverage industry.

“At the end, it’s how big is your dream? Are you willing to stay true to your conviction, no matter what it takes?” – Rita Zwane

Show Notes

  • [01.00] MaZwane’s story starts here, on the train to Johannesburg, with only faith and a dream.
  • [03.09] Hustling! And how MaZwane got onto her feet.
  • [05.29] Overcoming hardships on the road to a BIG dream.
  • [09.49] Staying true to your convictions, sacrifices, hard work and the many steps to where a dream only begins.
  • [16.12] A container in a township, and taking risks.
  • [21.57] Hard decisions – when to leave a secure job for the instability of a new business venture.
  • [23.04] The realisation of an African dream.
  • [27.00] Taking care of your customers, and the key to making a dream a reality (hint: it’s DISCIPLINE!).
  • [32.30] Remaining true to your brand promise – how to stay afloat.
  • [35.35] What makes a successful entrepreneur, and how to pass that on to your children.
  • [40.59] In transition. What’s next for MaZwane?
  • [44.21] Have you got a dream? A word of advice for a young person just starting out.

Learn more about MaZwane

To find out more about Imbizo Shisanyama, head on over to their website, or check out their social media platforms: LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

To connect with MaZwane herself, follow @therealmazwane on Instagram or on Twitter.

And finally, get inspired by reading a copy of her new book ‘Conquering the poverty of the mind’ by Rita Zwane, from Amazon or a bookstore.

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Quotes from this episode

“When women look after each other, and pull each other up, magic happens.” – Rita Zwane

“At the end, it’s how big is your dream? Are you willing to stay true to your conviction, no matter what it takes?” – Rita Zwane

“Nobody’s ever going to push you if you run and own your business, you must just stay true to your conviction.” – Rita Zwane

“We’ve stayed true to our brand promise, we promised our customers an experience!” – Rita Zwane

“Because one thing with children is, what they see they do.” – Rita Zwane

“Maybe let us be the kind of mothers that our daughters would want to become.” – Rita Zwane