My book has launched!  So if you’re wanting to overcome patterns that keep you stuck, the sneaky peak into the book, Deep Grooves is here.  This week we do things a little differently – Abby is interviewing me about my book Deep Grooves: Overcoming Patterns that keep you Stuck. 

It’s a fun look into a few parts of the book. We look at the difference between Good Reasons and Real Reasons, why we use Short-Term Hits of Happiness, and how Journaling fast tracks your thinking changes.  I also read an extract I love, and how getting suspended from kindergarten impacted my approach to leadership.

Show Notes

  • [2:20] Why a wealth manager writes a book on step changing your thinking?
    • The gaps in my thinking and identity that emerged once I left corporates.  Who was I when boss’s and colleagues weren’t telling me what a great job I did?
    • So little about financial success is related to finance and maths – it’s about the mindset to put off spending today for the future.
  • [6:30] Abby’s favourite part of the book – Good Reasons vs Real Reasons
    • You can’t ever change something if you don’t get down to the real reason, otherwise you’re treating the symptom not the cure
    • The impact of listening to Good Reasons – the Real Reason I went to med school
    • We can only ever live our best life, solve our relationship issues, sort out our career paths or health, if we deal with the Real Reasons.
    • Challenge yourself to dig deeper into the Real Reason – there is ALWAYS something deeper going on.  And how you know that you’ve got to the Real Reason.
    • How leaving corporate and starting my own business has accelerated my personal growth because if things don’t work out, it’s just me to ‘blame’.
  • [13:12] Short Term Hits of Happiness – and how it relates to eating and exercise
    • Our brain is wired to avoid pain and discomfort keep us safe. 
    • Our brain stored the memory of teenage diets as pain and discomfort. So when we want to change our eating, even if it’s healthy eating and not a diet, triggers that thinking.
  • [16:06] Short Term Hits of Happiness at work
    • The brain change that happens that Short-Term Hits of Happiness have in common
  • [18:12] How are you different now that you’ve written the book
    • I still struggle with all the same things, but the speed I move through difficult situations to a place of calm and Joy
    • I’m mindful when I’m ‘out of sorts’ I go through the framework and tools and it helps me increase my productivity
  • [21:06] Why is journaling so important
    • The link to the subconscious
    • It activates so many parts of your brain, that helps you sort through challenges quicker
    • The prompts that are in the book that you can use to journal or think through that help speed up your thinking person
  • [25:17] The uniqueness of the book lies in the personal stories I use to teach the principles
    • I read through one of the opening stories in the book which retells when I got suspended from pre-school (kindergarten)
    • Abby and I discuss how that incident shaped my leadership path, and how it still impacts me
    • How the thinking stack works
  •  [32:24] Everything has its consequences
    • The choices we all face – to live a safe, comfortable life
    • Or, to step out and be brave and take on our journey to live our Best Life.
    • How we reframe our experiences for who we are today.
  • [35:01] The challenge of women and claiming their space
  • [35:50] The experience of writing a book and my hopes for the book
    • As you write a book, you go through the process of transformation that your reader goes through.
    • I believe deeply it can change people’s lives – that it would help people be more mindful of their journey.

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