Have you started another year with less money than you need to make ends meet? Between Christmas, summer vacation and the start of the new school year (in the Southern Hemisphere), January can be wildly expensive. And with money being one of the top causes of stress in the world today, getting it under control should be a priority.

It can feel easier to bury your head in the sand when things feel hard, but in the long run it just makes the problem worse. So chin-up, listen to this week’s episode and get your head around the first steps required to getting your money under control.

Show Notes

  • [01.13] Starting the year in a difficult position.
  • [03.09] The problem that we face
  • [05.58] Balancing the budget
  • [10.45] A daily decision
  • [11.07] A protection barrier
  • [13.27] A stress-free money system
  • [14.20] Automate it

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“As much as we would like to run and hide from it, we actually have to step up and adult.’ – Lisa Linfield

“It doesn’t matter how many times you can do a budget, something always happens that knocks it off kilter and puts us in debt.” – Lisa Linfield

“It is a stress that truly keeps you up all the time.” – Lisa Linfield

“There’s got to be a day when we say, ‘Enough is enough!’ and we choose to do something about it.”

“There is a step-by-step method of things that you need to put in place, so that when emergencies hit, they don’t impact your day-to-day money system.” – Lisa Linfield

“Budgets and spreadsheets are not an exercise in making your numbers match. Budgets and spreadsheets are an exercise in mindfulness.” – Lisa Linfield