What did you buy when you last blew the budget? If you’re looking for the motivation to stick to it, then the F*ck It Fund is your new secret weapon.

In today’s episode you’ll find tools to help you build a budget, as well as stick to it, so that you can have the money that enables you to CHOOSE – IF you want to work, where you work, and when, so that you can follow your dreams.

To create a budget, head over to www.workingwomenswealth.com/budget and pick up the free expense tracking and planning budget spreadsheet as well as my video on how to use it. 

Show Notes

  • [01.27] First things first
  • [03.14] The Secret – the F*ck It Fund
  • [09.13] Trade Down
  • [15.32] The Rocket Fuel – Your Why and Why Not
  • [18.12] Spend to zero
  • [19.39] Recap

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“Remember your income needs to be more than your monthly expenses, and if it isn’t you need a side hustle.” – Lisa LInfield

“No matter how much you have, if you spend more, you will have nothing.” – Lisa Linfield

“If you don’t spend money when it’s not worth it, and doesn’t make a huge difference in your life, then you will have way more money to spend on things that are worth it to you.” – Lisa Linfield

“Question every assumption.” – Lisa Linfield

“Every cent DOES matter, either because, saved over a while it’ll give you the ability to buy something you REALLY want, or because invested over a long time, it can make the difference of financial freedom or not.” – Lisa Linfield

“Sticking to a budget, like sticking to a diet, is short term ‘pain’ for long term gain.” – Lisa Linfield