I reflect on my own money journey that has been moulded from such a young age by my family’s values. Our money mindset was built on what made us truly happy as a family – memorable EXPERIENCES!

We all have our own dreams and priorities for our money. Your money matters whether you are single and spontaneous, or you have a big family with lots of responsibilities. But no matter who you are, your money is finite.

So, I give you my top 5 tips to manage your monthly expenses (relatively painlessly) in order to live now and enjoy the future. You will thank me later!

Show notes

  • Watch the pennies and the pounds will follow.
  • We spend our money on what we value. This is a combination of price and quality.
  • You are forced to prioritise how you want to spend your money because it is limited.
  • You also need to be ready for those unexpected expenses!
  • So we have two choices: we can either drop our expenses OR we can earn more income.
  • I’m a great fan of increasing your income. But HOW?
  • Dollar millionaires have a minimum of seven sources of income.
  • It takes time to start your side hustle that becomes a sustainable replacement of your income.
  • Lisa’s 5 tips for managing your expenses:
    1. Be frugal about your day-to-day spending.
    2. Have a fund for guilt-free purchases (after all, YOLO!)
    3. Save gently (and separately) for your holiday throughout the year.
    4. Pay yourself first! Take the money off the table.
    5. Build an emergency fund that has at least 3 months’ worth of your salary.
  • I unpack each point in detail. Have a listen and take notes!
  • Good financial management is a DAILY game that makes the difference to live now and for the future.
  • Building a side hustle helps promote a sustainable solution to make ends meet.
  • Only 6% of us will retire with enough money to live to our normal standard of living. That is a shocking statistic!
  • Sign up for my side hustle course that will launch in September 2019.
  • Live your best life by being brave to be free!

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