Do you want to grow your wealth, but find it difficult to make the changes necessary? That’s because your brain is hardwired to do things the way they’ve always been done. But with this brain hack, you can use that to your advantage…

Alongside that, in today’s episode I teach you how to plan a money system that I call the Five Tank System. Think of your money as the water supply of your life, and then treat it with the same respect… As we all know, it could run out at any time, so we need to put in place the tanks that store the money so we have it when we need it. 

This money system enables you to fill your storage tanks of money first, and then direct the water so your day to day and future needs are met. By following this system, you WILL grow your wealth!

Show Notes

The Ancient Water System of Wealth

  • [02.57] Why Your Best Life Castle needs a water system?
  • [07.06] The First Tank: Your Transactional Account
  • [08.22] The Cashflow tank 
  • [10.13] The Emergency Tank
  • [13.50] The Goal Tank
  • [14.48] The Investment Tanks
  • [15.15] But how do I fill that Emergency Tank?

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“When we change the way we think about something, it can make ALL the difference.” – Lisa Linfield

“No matter how much people want to stay out of debt or save for their future, one of the biggest challengers to that goal is unexpected, unbudgeted for expenses that happen.” – Lisa Linfield

“The reality is that if you lose your income, you cut your expenses immediately and tighten your belt.” – Lisa Linfield

“We tend to stay doing, or not doing, things the way they’ve always been, or not, done.” – Lisa Linfield

“It doesn’t matter how much more you earn, you will always increase your spending.” – Lisa Linfield