Are unexpected expenses derailing you, making you struggle to stick to your own budget? Let me reassure you that you’re not alone!

We all want our expenses to fit within the money we earn, and it can be both a frustrating, and a seemingly impossible cycle to end.

In this episode I’m going to tell you how to break this cycle in the year ahead, and give you the key tool I use for myself, and my family, and the one I teach all of my clients.

Download my free budget and expense tracker here.

Show Notes

  • [02.16] Unexpected expenses
  • [05.04] Your subconscious mind
  • [06.43] Mindful tracking
  • [09.00] A protection barrier
  • [16.30] Getting the system going

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“It is extremely hard to always be fighting a battle you feel like you can’t win.” – Lisa Linfield

“Every time you swipe your card, think to yourself – what am I telling myself about this spend?” – Lisa Linfield

“Make sure that next year is the year you nail this whole system.” – Lisa Linfield