Have you wanted to learn more about Crypto but simply not known quite where to begin? Kendra Cole had the same problem in lockdown where she battled to invest just $20 in Bitcoin!

Her struggle resulted in her building an App called The Crypto Mom.

In this week’s episode she opens up about where it all began, the safety of Crypto Currency and the investing gender gap.

Show Notes

  • [01.57] Getting into Crypto Currency
  • [03.58] What is Crypto, and why should you invest in it?
  • [07.00] Crypto as a part of your larger wealth-building journey
  • [08.25] The safety of investing in Crypto Currency
  • [10.08] Supply and demand
  • [12.51] The App as an entry point for investing
  • [13.44] The gender gap
  • [16.09] Educating yourself about Crypto
  • [16.59] The journey to build an App
  • [19.44] Working with your spouse
  • [21.11] Learning to invest in yourself

Learn more about Kendra

Sign up for the App Waitlist on Kendra’s website. Alternatively find her on Instagram or TikTok.

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“We don’t want women to get behind when it comes to Crypto.” – Kendra Cole

“We do think that Bitcoin is going to be around for the long run.” – Kendra Cole

“All investments have a certain risk profile.” – Kendra Cole

“If you want to invest in something, you can always invest in something small.” – Kendra Cole

“The more that somebody wants to buy something, the more the demand goes up.” – Kendra Cole