Have you ever wondered if there are a set of rules in the workplace that govern why some get advanced through their careers and others don’t? And in particular, why there are so few women holding the highest jobs despite so many entering the workforce? And why men get paid 17% more than women?

Patricia Kennedy researched this and just wrote a book about it! In today’s episode, I chat with her about a woman’s game plan for success…

Show Notes

[02.02] The Game of Life

[04.49] The gender pay gap

[06.43] Overcoming the unwritten rules

[08.33] Changing perceptions

[14.05] Tasks vs. opportunities

[19.21] Establishing boundaries

[24.46] Ambition in men vs. women

[27.40] Can you have it all?

[32.20] 5 steps to a more meaningful life

[38.28] Money lessons

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Connect with Patricia (and buy her book!) via her website.

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“There are some institutionalized ways of thinking about women that still persist, unfortunately.” – Patricia Kennedy

“The first step for anything is understanding the game you’re in.” – Patricia Kennedy

“The world isn’t going to change and offer you more money, just because. You’ve got to stand up for yourself.” – Patricia Kennedy

“There’s an art form in saying no to your boss.” – Patricia Kennedy

“Boundaries are key. A lot of times, as women, we don’t have them.” – Patricia Kennedy

“It comes down to consciously choosing your life.” – Lisa Linfield

“How I choose to look at my day and remember my worth and all of the things that are important to me, by being thankful for what I have, has made a huge difference in terms of how I transition through all the phases of my life.” – Patricia Kennedy