Do you want to know how you can have what you want? You just need to learn to use my tool, ‘Worth It’, because it IS possible. You CAN have anything you want!

Anything. But not everything…

Listen to this week’s episode for the ‘how’.

Show Notes

  • [02.26] One of the biggest lies we’re sold
  • [07.32] The truth
  • [10.22] It’s your choice
  • [13.55] Worth it
  • [16.14] The real rule – 3 questions

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“We get less pleasure out of something the more we have it.” – Lisa Linfield

“You can have anything you want, you just can’t have everything.” – Lisa Linfield

“Effectively, money is finite, you can only do one of three things with it. You don’t get the chance to have it again. And because you don’t get the chance, and it’s a fixed limited resource, like our time, we have to learn how to proiritise it.” – Lisa Linfield

“You’re totally free at any stage to truly rethink the way you spend your money.” – Lisa Linfield

“If you’re going to have something, you’ve got to forego something else.” – Lisa Linfield

“Many of us are unconsciously choosing values that don’t represent what our hearts desire.” – Lisa Linfield