Would you believe it if I told you that your car’s costing you R8,6m? It might even be costing you MORE than that!

We have so many false beliefs about cars, and today we’re going to bust those myths and show you a way that you can be financially free.

Show Notes

[02.56] Compound interest and what you can do right now

[04.54] The reasons your car is costing you R8,6m

[07.48] How long a car should last

[10.07] The type of cars that you buy

[12.28] Being clear about what’s worth it.

{14.12] The rules

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How much is your car costing you, REALLY?

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“We can’t seem to make the connection of that compound curve to the reality of our daily life.” – Lisa Linfield

“Even if you have 20 years to live, or 10, the power of compounding on very tiny numbers is huge.” – Lisa Linfield

“The function of a car is to get you where you need to go, safely and as efficiently and as not expensively as possible.” – Lisa Linfield

“The bigger and more expensive a car is, the more it costs to keep it running.” – Lisa Linfield

“If you can’t afford to own and maintain a car outright without balloon payments, you actually can’t afford the car and you should be driving something smaller.” – Lisa Linfield

“Every single decision of ours has always been compared to what is worth it for us.” – Lisa Linfield