What do YOU think the best thing is about being financially free? I’m willing to guess that it’s not really what you think it is… It’s even better!

Imagine if you could choose: how you spend your time; IF you want to work; WHEN you work, WHERE you work and with whom?

All of that (and more!) becomes possible when you’re financially free. So choose today to start creating a life that you would freely choose.

Show Notes

  • [00.47} What do you think are the best things about being financial free?
  • [08.22] THE best thing about being financial free.

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“As human beings, we always want more.” – Lisa Linfield

“When we worked in corporate, we always knew that another paycheck was coming, that there was a chance to balance the numbers at some stage.” – Lisa Linfield

“Financial Freedom is when the income from your investments make you enough money to cover your expenses, without you having to trade your time for money or physically show up for work.” – Lisa Linfield

“That freedom of choice, the feeling that YOU control your life and how you live it.  That feeling is PRICELESS.” – Lisa Linfield