What would make your life better?  I’d be surprised if you didn’t say a higher income, most people do! No matter how much we earn, we think that more money would make our lives easier.

But in the same way that Parkinson’s law states that “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”, so it is with money: the more you earn, the more you will spend.

In today’s episode are some actionable tools to make Parkinson’s law work so that you have more money. If you take these actions, over time your financial health will improve, and you’ll develop the habits of wealth.

Show Notes

  • [00.43] Parkinson’s law explained.
  • [04.49] The complexity of time.
  • [07.24] How you can use Parkinson’s law to have more money.

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“No matter how much you earn, you will always think that if you had more money life would be better.” – Lisa Linfield

“When you are short on time, you spend more money.” – Lisa Linfield

“And so we feel, we work so hard that we deserve a little more convenience in our lives.” – Lisa Linfield

“People are always prickly when I look at their expenses and I tell them that they value convenience or a big fat house over making sure that their children don’t have to support them in old age.” – Lisa Linfield

“As humans, we will adapt to what we have.” – Lisa Linfield