Do you settle for OK rather than rock the boat and make the hard decisions that could change your life? An easier course of action may seem painless in the short term, but hard choices lead to an easy life, whilst easy choices on the other hand…

But what if you weren’t afraid? OR despite the fact that you were afraid, you knew that you could handle whatever came your way? 

Because you can.

Make the hard choices and turn OK into GREAT! Great health, great wealth, great happiness, and great work

Show Notes

  • [03.28] But then…
  • [05.21] Easy Choices
  • [08.27] Hard Choices

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“The easiest choice most often is to do nothing.” – Lisa Linfield

“Whatever it is that you are avoiding doing or deciding on, ask yourself ‘What are the absolute worst consequences of making this decision’.” – Lisa Linfield

“The reality is, all of us can handle what comes our way.” – Lisa Linfield

“And remember that wrong is often not a bad thing – it often is where the growth lies.” – Lisa Linfield