Have you ever wondered if there are things that you can do that won’t cost a cent but may greatly change your life? Recent research suggests that there IS something that you can do that could dramatically change the path of your wealth creation.

The global investment, information and asset management firm Morningstar calls it the ‘Mental Time Horizon’.

Show Notes

  • [02.41] Some context – last week’s episode
  • [04.06] The Morningstar survey
  • [05.56] Why the data matches
  • [08.31] Hope
  • [09.27] The most important step that you can take
  • [11.57] The thing that makes this whole exercise worth it
  • [15.51] The next step

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“Because you can live and feel your life in more detail in ten years from now, the decisions you make now have a completely different context to JUST surviving the current moment.” – Lisa Linfield

“By deeply talking about and envisioning your future through the chapters of your life ahead, it enables you to firstly honestly face up to your financial situation, to look forward as to what school fees and university fees will be, and what age you will be able to start saving that same money for your future.” – Lisa Linfield

“Only once we’ve acted, only then can it all fall into place. Inaction, or digging our head in the sand and hoping it’ll go away, only creates a bigger problem down the line. One that’s harder to fix.” – Lisa Linfield