Ever wondered if it’s possible for an everyday person to become a millionaire?  My guest today knows it is.

I also wondered if, as an investment expert, she actually practiced what the investment industry preaches – does she budget, does she save the pennies so the pounds follow, and do market crashes of her personal wealth make her feel as anxious as it makes the rest of us feel?   

In addition, we start off by chatting through how she got to the top of a very male dominated industry, and her views on leadership. 

Victoria Reuvers is the Managing Director of the South African business of Morningstar – a global investment company.

Show Notes

  • [1:30] How Victoria got into investing
  • [5:10] The great advice given by her role models
  • [7:20] How to bring the best out in your team
  • [10:00] What defines a leader
  • [12:37] The unique advantages South Africans have in the global context
  • [14:50] The behind-the-scenes tips on how she personally manages her own money
  • [18:15] The compounding effect of small daily habits
  • [21:10] Does an investment expert actually budget, and why?
  • [23:45] How your spending reflects your values
  • [27:00] How she deals with the market shocks in her personal investments
  • [34:00] The tool to removing the stress and fear of investing
  • [38:19] How anyone can be a millionaire

Quotes from this episode

Work out what it is that gets you up in the morning… and as soon as you can work that out, you will always be happy and motivated at work – Victoria Reuvers

The more resilient we are, the easier life is – because stuff happens! – Lisa Linfield

Find unique and brilliant individuals with diverse thoughts and work out how they can make a dent to the business – and give them the space and freedom to do it  – Victoria Reuvers

The ability to rise is one of the most important attributes for anyone going through this crazy journey of life – Lisa Linfield

To become a successful investor, keep it simple and start good habits – Victoria Reuvers

Create small habits of thinking and doing for wealth creation – Lisa Linfield

If I love my life I’m living now, how do I ensure I can continue it going forward? – Victoria Reuvers

I can afford to spend money on the great things of life because of the daily decisions I make on the smaller expenses – Lisa Linfield

The benefit of compounding all those tiny financial decisions has such a huge impact on your life – Victoria Reuvers

So often we spend unconsciously – Lisa Linfield

Think of your income as what you have after your savings – Victoria Reuvers

Your budget shows you what you place value on spending wise in a month – Victoria Reuvers

Trust your financial plan – there’s decades of data that back it – Victoria Reuvers

Becoming a millionaire requires two simple but hard to do habits: saving and patience – Victoria Reuvers

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