Are you a mom who needs flexible hours so that you can work AND be there for your kids? Phillipa Geard noticed moms just like you in similar situations, and so she created a solution. 

Recruit My Mom is an online recruitment agency that matches skilled jobs with skilled moms who require flexible ways of working. In this week’s episode Phillipa talks about being driven by a sense of purpose, the challenges mothers face rejoining the workforce, and the complexities of hybrid flexibility.

Show Notes

[02.11] Starting recruit my mom

[03.40] Helping women stay in the market

[04.59] Driven by a sense of purpose

[07.44] The market for a flexible work policy

[09.25] The challenges mothers face rejoining the workforce

[11.25] The support that Recruit My Mom gives its hires

[13.02] When things go wrong

[14.25] The levels of flexibility

[16.10] The complexities of hybrid flexibility

[19.03] Lessons from a business owner to her younger self

[21.20] When to recruit someone to work in YOUR business

[24.30] Recruit A Graduate

[26.44] Purpose driven businesses

[30.03] The Great Resignation

[31.50] The future of flexibility

[31.56] More lessons in business

[35.16] Phillipa’s money lessons

[36.27] Managing the ‘and’

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To find out more, head over to Recruit My Mom.

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“We often get asked, ‘Why the name Recruit My Mom?’ And I always say, ‘Well, it’s the best name if you’re a mom because the elephant is already in the room before you even get to the interview.” – Phillipa Geard

“If you have sought after skills, there really is a lot of employee and employer opportunities out there.” – Phillipa Geard

“With companies that are more forward-thinking, who can see where the future work is heading, they’ve embraced flexibility, flexible work policies, hybrid work policies, days in / days out, in various ways and forms.” – Phillipa Geard

“We are in a constant state of change.” – Phillipa Geard

“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” – Phillipa Geard

“Sometimes the people you start out with are not going to be the people you end up with.” – Phillipa Geard

“For any business, if you just want to stay the way you were, you’re going to become a dinosaur.” – Phillipa Geard

“It can’t always just be about work. So sometimes it feels like it’s always all about work, but you’ve got to have those support structures in place that just keep you grounded.” – Phillipa Geard

“There’s value in prudence. In the way that you spend and save.” – Phillipa Geard

“You always need a nest egg. Don’t spend it all.” – Phillipa Geard