Are you an aspiring entrepreneur planning to start your own business? Then a book detailing 12 critical lessons on entrepreneurship could be a great place to start!

Mind Your Own Business, written by Nevi Letcher, is the ultimate business handbook. In today’s episode I chat to Nevi about some of the lessons mentioned in the book, her biggest money learning, and the things that COVID has taught.

Show Notes

  • [01.17] Nevi’s journey to writing Mind Your Own Business
  • [02.06] Starting your own business
  • [02.40] Reality vs Hopes and Dreams
  • [03.50] New success that comes from new thinking
  • [06.28] Putting a price on your services
  • [10.00] Giving your client something to care about
  • [11.45] Fear and failure
  • [13.37] The time it takes to build a successful business
  • [15.54] Nevi’s vision and purpose
  • [17.52] Lessons from COVID
  • [19.15] Changing it up
  • [21.37] Creating space for creative energy
  • [22.59] Upskilling yourself
  • [23.48] Nevi’s biggest money lesson.

Learn more about Nevi

Connect with Nevi via her website, or buy her book ‘Mind Your Own Business. The ultimate business handbook perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.’ You can also follow her on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn

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“There’s an alignment and a match between what my dreams and hopes were, and what I’ve experienced over the last, at least, five to six years.” – Nevi Letcher

“Creating any form of new success requires new thinking.” – Lisa Linfield

“I had to learn to acquire unwavering belief in myself.” – Nevi Letcher

“I had to search and make sure that I was build to run a business.” – Nevi Letcher

“Customers buy relationships from people they like, they can trust, and those that add value.” – Nevi Letcher

“I started looking for little things to enhance the spirit of adventure in our daily setting.” – Nevi Letcher

“Creative or inventive energy requires space in order to emerge.” – Lisa Linfield