You’ve ticked all the boxes, and done everything right, so why isn’t success in business coming quicker? I recently had a light-bulb moment that could go a long way in easing your rush to the ‘finish’ line.

My path to do what I was born to do – to teach a million women about money – has not been plain sailing, and so this concept of success’s timing has been on my mind for a while.  In today’s episode I reveal a way to fast track success… 

After all, you were born to change the world, so get your future self ready!

Show Notes

  • [03.32] Rock bottom
  • [04.53] The light-bulb moment
  • [05.28] The Four things you need for success
    • Skillset
    • Mindset
    • Structures
    • God’s blessing
  • [09.05] Going back to the light-bulb moment
  • [11.34] So how do you fast track success?
  • [14.23] You will be ready when it comes

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“And let’s be clear, for me successful means that the teaching business pays for itself and pays back the money I’ve invested in it.   I’m so not needing fame and fortune… it’s my joy and passion.” – Lisa Linfield

“Turns out (surprise, surprise), life is very different when you have to build a brand from scratch, and you don’t have the millions of marketing spend that corporates have.” – Lisa Linfield

“Selling yourself as the product uncovered a whole pandora’s box of self-doubt and insecurity, and so many old-fashioned beliefs I’d absorbed of how “vulgar” it was to promote yourself.” – Lisa Linfield

“The current version of you does not have the skillset, the mindset, or the structures in place to handle the success the future version of you will be able to.” – Lisa Linfield

“The same lesson will keep coming up, again and again, until you nail it.” – Lisa Linfield

“Each and every one of us has the talents and unique combination of strengths and weaknesses perfect for your many purposes on earth.” – Lisa Linfield