Is the money that your company is taking towards your retirement enough for you to live off? The truth is, it’s probably not…

If one of your assumptions is that it is, then today’s episode is for you…

Show Notes

[03.18] Your company has NO idea of the kind of retirement that you want to have.

[06.00] You need to know how much you have in your company retirement fund.

[07.40] The growth that goes towards fees.

[10.08] Present bias.

[12.12] Income tax.

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“When you look at the money that you’re actually contributing, you need to make sure that all of it is going to your retirement.” – Lisa Linfield

“The growth number they’ll often give you is the number after investment fees if you’re lucky, but not after all of those costs that goes to administer the company scheme and the advisor fees and all those other things.” – Lisa Linfield

“There is very little you can do when you’ve found out you don’t have enough when you’re just about to retire.” – Lisa Linfield

“Time is the master of growing your money.” – Lisa Linfield

“When you’re considering a new job, you need to compare apples with apples, in terms of the money you’re getting in.” – Lisa Linfield