With tax year end rapidly approaching, are you feeling a little out of your depth? When it comes to investments, often people don’t realise that they have to declare the tax on them. But there are tax breaks available!

In today’s episode I talk about the tax breaks you can utilise with your investments, as well as some other important tools to maximise at the end of the tax season.

Show Notes

  • [1.35] The 3 taxes paid on investments
  • [01.58] Dividend Tax and Interest Income Tax
  • [03.50] Capital Gains Tax
  • [09.18] Tax Free Investments
  • [11.48] Retirement Annuities
  • [14.25] Donations
  • [15.34] A recap

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“In every country, your tax-free investment or saving has a limit that you can use every single year.” – Lisa Linfield

“It’s so important that you really think of tax-free investments in the same breath and bucket as retiring investments: money that you put away that you can never touch.” – Lisa LInfield

“What the government says to you is, of all the income that you earn, you don’t have to pay tax on the part of your income that comes into your retirement fund.” – Lisa Linfield

“When you retire, you pay income tax.” – Lisa Linfield

“Often people don’t realise that they have to declare their tax on their investments.” – Lisa Linfield