The question I get asked most is “How much money do I need in order to stop working?”

Ever wondered about that?

Stop working.  Freedom to choose how you spend your time.  Where you spend it… with whom you spend it… and IF you choose to work.

The biggest mistake I see people making is NOT KNOWING that number.

WHY?  Well here’s the problem…

Your subconscious KNOWS you aren’t saving enough… so it becomes an energy drain, an invisible stressor

That’s why I believe we should all know

  1. How much do you need, in today’s money in order to retire? (and do that calculation each year)
  2. How much do you need to contribute each month from now on to hit your retirement number?
  3. What if you can’t contribute that much… how close will any additional contribution you make from now on get you to your goal?

I have a FREE calculator and step-by-step video you can easily download and play with to find out the answers to those questions.

I’m so passionate about it, I went and built the easiest to use little tool and made a video to help anyone be able to use it..

You need to know four pieces of information

  1. How Long – until you want to stop working, and then how long will you be retired for
  2. How much will your investments grow – here I give you a guide to assume, because most of us have no clue (but you can look at your actual rolling 3-5 year growth)
  3. How much will you need each month – when you stop working
  4. How much are you currently investing per month, and the balance of your investments

Show Notes

[] Financial Freedom is the ability to choose

[] The 4 numbers you need to know

[] How long

[] Investment Growth

[] How much will you need

[] Current Investing

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“True Financial Freedom is when your investments generate enough money while you sleep to replace your income. That’s when you get to stop work… because your money is making money for you instead of you doing it” Lisa Linfield

“The problem is most of us have NO idea what we need to have in order to reach financial freedom.
For most of us, there’s this sinking feeling that we don’t have enough… and we know in our sould we need to invest more… but we don’t know how much.” Lisa Linfield

“When are you mentally calculating that you’ll REALLY start saving for retirement… you may be doing a little, but when will the real saving start? After kids? And how many years does that give you before you need to start paying for a 30 year retirement?.” – Lisa Linfield

“National Treasury says 94% of us will NOT have enough money to live at the same standard of living we currently enjoy.” – Lisa Linfield

“When you KNOW the impact investing a little more each month will have, then it makes it so much more Worth It to do.” – Lisa Linfield

“KNOW how much you can afford to live on and how much you’ll have to retire… then start cutting expenses and use that to invest more.” – Lisa Linfield