Ready to invest, but confused by industry jargon? Translated into HumanSpeak you will be able to understand the different types of investments or assets.

This week I’m going to teach you the type of assets you can invest in when you invest in funds, as well as give you some generalised guidelines for the average person as to how much money you should have in each type of investment.

As always, I will say that I don’t know your personal circumstances, so I can’t advise you specifically, but you will truly be amazed at how, with repeated listening, you will be able to have a better discussion with your financial adviser, partner and friends about money. 

Don’t take what they say at face value without asking the questions you need to!

Show Notes

  • [02.31] So what is an asset?
  • [04.44] What are investment assets?
  • [06.22] Risk vs Return
  • [09.09] Low Risk Assets or Income Assets
  • [14.19] Medium Risk Investments
  • [14.54] High risk investments
  • [15.11] The huge importance of “asset allocation”
  • [16.44] So how much money should I have in each type of investment?
  • [18.17] Putting it together – done for you

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“You have a higher chance of making more money if you take more risk, but that chance of losing money also gets higher with each element of risk.” – Lisa Linfield

“Your money needs to grow, or have a return on your investment, that is at LEAST meeting inflation each year.” – Lisa Linfield

“One of the biggest destroyers of money is the human being themselves.” – Lisa Linfield