I get to talk to so many people every day about money to enable them to live out their goals and dreams. We have dreams of paying off our homes, sending our children to great schools, or holidaying in exquisite destinations.

But do you want to know what the most sought-after life dream is? So many of us want the ability to leave our day jobs when we want. This deep desire can be pinned to inflexibility, bureaucracy, terrible bosses, being overqualified but underpaid, unrealistic expectations, or just a lack of personal purpose.

So, what would your PERFECT day look like if you worked for yourself?

Show notes

  • Money is an enabler for our hopes and dreams.
  • We want a direct correlation of how hard we work and how much money we earn. But it takes time to start a business.
  • Lisa’s six steps to leave your day job:
    1. Have a clear VISION of what your life will look like being your own boss
    2. Co-create your vision with your partner for sustainable support
    3. Reduce your expenses to decrease the income you will need to replace
    4. Find your mentors – surround yourself with people ahead of you!
    5. PAY for what you need – it commits you to the cause
    6. Work in parallel – it is always about the ‘AND’
  • Your vision needs to be so clear that your reality and hopes are aligned.
  • Be mindful of money waste – the more money we earn, the more we should save!
  • Your thinking is the average thinking of the five people that you spend the most time engaging.
  • Take advantage of the modern mentor that are circumstance-specific.
  • Accountability partners encourage your success.
  • Have at least one year’s worth of money saved before you take the leap of leaving your job.
  • What happens if you DON’T make the change? Be brave to be free!

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