We all seem to be in a constant state of over-activated stress, anxiety and overwhelm. Having no time for any self-care has become the new normal. Where our attention goes, our energies flow!

Dr Kelly Donahue is a working mom and recovering Type-A perfectionist. Her training is in behavioural medicine, mind-body research and clinical psychology. Dr Kelly is empowering others to practice essential self-care strategies to nourish mind, body and soul.

I chat with Dr Kelly about overcoming negativity biases to practice everyday self-care. We need to consider ourselves in small ways during the day. And it all begins with how we talk to ourselves!

Show notes

  • Dr Kelly Donahue’s journey as a clinical health psychologist, change coach and author.
  • We don’t have the time to recover and care for ourselves.
  • Everyday self-care is the ability to care for yourself with little acts that puts you on a different life trajectory.
  • It’s the ability to consider yourself in small ways during the day.
  • Self-care begins with how we talk to ourselves!
  • We have 60-90 000 conscious and subconscious thoughts a day.
  • We don’t recognise that most thoughts are negative and well-practiced!
  • Why do we believe in such negative things about ourselves?
  • Negativity biases is a survival mechanism.
  • Negative thoughts have a bigger evolutionary weight than positive thoughts.
  • We search information in our environments to support our thinking.
  • The ability to shift our programming by being mindful of our thinking.
  • Dr Kelly’s “belief download” to group thoughts and core beliefs together.
  • We need to challenge the negative self-constructs by searching for positive data points.
  • Changing our identity, thinking and environment in order to change behaviours.
  • Leaning on situational mentors and communities to support our life objectives.
  • The right mentors and community will hold you accountable.
  • Practicing everyday self-care will evolve into everyday self-worth.

More about Dr Kelly Donahue

Check out Dr Kelly Donahue’s Website, Everyday Wellness Podcast and her new book, Everyday Self-Care.

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