This podcast is personal. As I live my mission to teach 1 million women about money, I realise that it’s very easy to lose my way! I walk a tight rope of living with passion while trying to avoid my biggest fear – public opinion. There, I said it! But we can’t serve two masters to be truly great.

Over the last few sessions, we have been exploring the ideas of resilience, difficult conversations, professional disappointment and genuine relationship connections. I explore my head space on these notions and I invite you to stretch outside your comfort zone with me.

Show notes

  • My journey of working through Robin Sharma’s “5 AM Club” methodology.
  • I have a deep feeling of dread that is looming!
  • I don’t have as much resilience as I need in order to overcome the obstacles that come with being a public figure.
  • This dread is rooted in my innate desire to please people, the fear of failure and any public lashing.
  • What is my worst fears and my darkest thoughts?
  • I am okay with saying something that people may disagree with based on their background, expertise, opinion or preference.
  • But I often speak my unfiltered thoughts that may offend or hurt others without realising it.
  • I am proactively working towards humility and humanity while maintaining my authenticity.
  • Is this journey worth me continuing my mission if my work, reputation or family may be hurt as a result off any public backlash? Should I stop?
  • The difficulty of serving two masters.
  • Do I serve my mission? Or do I serve public praise, approval and validation?
  • How many people in the world have missed the opportunities to be the people that they were born to be because of fear?
  • The concept and consequence of having a split mind.
  • Being tossed from knowing what we can offer to the world with being worried about what the world will think.
  • Stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone to take the opportunity to be WHO you are meant to be!
  • Be gentler with the people around you. We are all trying to make our way to find our purpose as we fight in the arena called life.
  • When you come to the end of your life, did you live your life’s purpose? Or did you live to the validation of others?

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