Have you ever wondered how you can experience spending freedom today whilst ALSO saving for tomorrow? And why you still battle to achieve financial security and enjoy wealth (despite all the information available on the subject)? Today’s guest may have some of the answers for you.

CFP, wealth advisor, and author of the book ‘Live WELLthy’, Dawn Dahlby is on a mission to teach you how to OWN your worth and GROW your wealth.

Show Notes

  • [02.14] Dawn’s journey to wealth management
  • [03.01] The leap to helping manage other people’s money
  • [03.53] More than JUST about money
  • [05.52] When you have enough but still live in fear
  • [07.11] When you don’t have enough but continue to spend
  • [12.01] Doing the work
  • [13.51] Teaching teenagers about money
  • [17.27] The dreams of ‘Live WELLthy’
  • [22.00] A faith-driven mission
  • [23.44] One of the key lessons from the book
  • [25.48] Permission to dream

Learn more about Dawn

Find Dawn’s book ‘Live WELLthy’ on her website, or directly from Amazon.

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“It’s the doing the work that will change the way you think that will overcome those patterns.” – Lisa Linfield

“I kept hearing that thought from my parents of ‘We can’t afford this and we can’t afford that’, so I was just driven.” – Dawn Dahlby

“I also knew that I just loved to help people.” – Dawn Dahlby

“I was able to tell clients with a 99% probability of success, that they are never gonna run out of money. But then I realized that these clients were still fearing… FEARING … not having enough money.” – Dawn Dahlby

“Our thinking needs to be upgraded.” – Dawn Dahlby

“If we are served up a thought that makes us feel uncomfortable about our wealth, then we have the right to change that thought. We have the power, not just the right” – Dawn Dahlby