Are you charging less than you’re worth? Or are you struggling to ask for a raise? Whilst there ARE long-term consequences to undercharging, your value is less determined by a number and rather by a combination of three beliefs.

Andrea Liebross is a business and life coach who helps women discover the possibilities of their best life. In today’s episode she explains how to know your worth.

Show Notes

[02.09] The question of worth from a gender perspective

[03.33] The 3 beliefs that define what you’re worth

[06.24] Your thoughts define your worthiness

[08.19] Ways to gauge the value of your offering

[10.42] The emotional maturity of your boss and your clients

[12.53] Trust and the value of your offering

[14.28] The fear of rejection

[16.25] The possibilities of the future you

[20.14] Knowing when to push up your prices

[22.02] The long-term consequences of under charging

[24.53] What to do if you’re questioning your worth

[28.10] Money confidence

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“We are intrinsically worthy.” – Andrea Liebross

“We have thoughts about who we are as a person and that creates the feeling of worthiness.” – Andrea Liebross

“The value of your offer is really the transformation you’re offering someone.” – Andrea Liebross

“When you’re stuck – inside your own world, your own business, your own life (I say sometimes you’re stuck in the peanut butter jar) – it’s really hard to read the label. You really can’t get out of your own way.” – Andrea Liebross

“The person you are today, with all of your beliefs and all of your values, cannot create the future you want tomorrow.” – Lisa Linfield

“You’ve got to make your decisions from that future you. That person who is charging what they want to charge.” – Andrea Liebross

“Owning our own business is a journey in personal development disguised as an entrepreneurial adventure.” – Andrea Liebross