Andrea Liebross is a Possibilities coach – and helps people navigate their career paths to become the best possible version of themselves.  Sometimes it’s that we’re not clear on how our skills can pivot us to something new – and other times we’re not clear on where in fact we want to go.  Often, we’re just not willing to have those tough conversations.

It all comes down to being clear on what we know, what we think, and how we act.  She offers a fresh perspective on the possibilities we all have available to us.

Show Notes

  • [1:16] How Andrea started as a Possibilities Coach.
  • [3:50] The difference between the skill set and the will to change – and how you overcome the obstacles of both skills and wills.
  • [5:45] Why we struggle to communicate our skill set – and how we also incorporate our ‘soft’ skills such as relationship, conflict and leadership skills which are your true differentiators.
  • [9:15] The three quick questions to help you do a skills audit weekly or monthly
  • [10:45]  The success triangle:  Knowledge; Thoughts and Actions (the latter two are ‘soft skills’)
  • [11:30] The person you are today can’t create the future you want in five years’ time – you can only build what you have today.  You need to build braveness, strength, resilience, courage and patience and open yourself to new possibilities
  • [12:40] Why things are going wrong?
  • [13:50] Why don’t we do the work we need to do to get the results we want?
  • [15:30] When you know you don’t want the job you have, but you don’t know what you want to do going forward and can’t see the possibilities?
  • [18:25] Why we struggle between the facts and the feelings of a situation
  • [21:20] How to focus on the thoughts that create possibility
  • [26:15] Why we’re so quick to say “that’s not possible” despite others thinking it’s totally possible for us.
  • [27:15] Why we have these limiting beliefs
  • [30:00] The challenge of our brain keeping us safe
  • [31:40] A reason women are hesitant to be successful without apologising
  • [33:10] Managing work and life – and the gift to men and women of Covid
  • [40:00] Being clear on your personal journey and its possibilities


Where your genius lies is where your skills and wills overlap – Andrea Liebross

Usually people can list off hard skills – what they don’t recognise is their soft skills – Andrea Liebross

The person you are today can’t create the future you want in five years’ time – Lisa Linfield

You have to dissolve limiting beliefs – Andrea Liebross

Which thought do you want to choose? – Andrea Liebross

Adopt the phrase, “… and that’s okay” to the end of every sentence in tough time – Andrea Liebross

The brain is designed to keep us safe and comfortable – Lisa Linfield

Our brain is always searching for reasons to support the ‘why nots’ – Andrea Liebross

Be unapologetically ambitious – Andrea Liebross

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