Can you actively plan your career when so much seems to be luck, timing and politics?   Why don’t we go for the job or the pay we deserve?  Why are we so terrified of people saying ‘no’ to us when in fact it holds the gold we need to boost our career?

Kerrian Fournier went from Wall Street to Executive Coaching. She’s managed some of the largest HR budgets in the world, helped teams and leaders navigate their career paths.

Show Notes

  • [0:52] Kerrian’s journey from Classical Actress to Wall Street to starting her own Executive Coaching business.
  • [2:10] The trinity of trauma – From high-flier to serious illness, being laid off while on disability, and divorce in the same year.
  • [3:43] The journey she took to discover a new path forward
  • [7:45] Can you actually plan a career?
  • [9:12] Success for both managers and specialist
  • [11:12] The importance of taking stock of where we are, and what makes you happy – and the power to change
  • [13:45] Getting the jobs and the pay you deserve – including the psychology and politics
  • [16:13] How to be ok with the No – the insightful perspective that gave me an Ah-Ha
  • [18:13] Why women don’t ask for what they’re worth
  • [20:27] How she transitioned from acting to Investment Banking
  • [23:05] Our capacity for change as we get older
    • [25:03] What happens if you don’t make the change? In the short term, it makes not much of a difference but in the long term it may be life changing not to change
  • [27:15] If you’re happy where you are…
  • [30:00] Getting the right salary structure for you
  • [31:42] What makes YOU the happiest? Culture, job fit, personal skills
  • [32:57] Boosting your energy to be the best you can be at work
  • [35:06] Natural overachieving Type A’s… how to get the best out of it!


  • The tools that make you successful on the outside may in fact put you in your grave – Kerrian Fournier
  • You need a hypothesis of where you want your career to go – Kerrian Fournier
  • Transformation comes from tapping into the things you don’t know – Kerrian Fournier
  • Exploration not expectation – be open to explore – Kerrian Fournier
  • It amazes me how seldom we take stock – Lisa Linfield
  • It takes energy to change – even if it’s the right thing to do – Kerrian Fournier
  • Don’t lean away from getting the ‘No’ – Kerrian Fournier
  • The essence in your potential is not what you know, but that you can grow – Kerrian Fournier
  • You are the luckiest person in the world if you love your job – Lisa Linfield

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